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Catchy and fun 3 in 1 LED flash light for pets and daily use

An extremely practical tool for pet owners, especially dogs and cats owners.

This 3 in 1 LED light doesn’t need any batteries, it is charged directly through its USB port by connecting it to any USB device.

It can be used as cat light toy, as interactive LED light for pet cat dog training; UV Detector for Spot Counterfeit Money, Dog Urine, Pet Stains and More; Mini White flashlight for your daily use(indoor and outdoor).

3 in 1 USB LED Laser light

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If you like the idea then we have another option for you; perhaps you would like a gadget that emits a laser light, moves it around, and plays with your cat without the need for you to carry it or keep moving it; check the Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy, you, and your cat will both like it!

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