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Collection No.4: Awesome Camping Gear

Before going out camping or going out on your next outdoor adventure; make sure you check this collection and our Travel and Outdoors section, we collected a lot of awesome and catchy camping and outdoors gear (hiking, fishing, picnic stuff …etc.), you might just find something that will catch your eye! ?

Check the awesome gear that we found and curated for you in this collection.


Catchy Tents:

Let’s start with tents; going camping, you will need a tent. You might want to go for something hip, like this Volkswagen van shaped tent:

VW Volkswagen van shaped tent

The old hip Volkswagen van is still attached somehow to camping; till this day (try searching for camping images and you’ll still see a picture of it in the results). Click here to check it out.

Or perhaps you might like something simpler like this two-person Double Tent Cot:

Two person Double Tent Cot

Click here to check it out.


Or, especially if you’re planning for some star gazing at night, how about a transparent tent:

It could be fully transparent, like this one:

Fully Transparent Tent

Click here to check out.

Or a two-room, family-size bubble tent:

Two Room Family size inflatable Bubble Tent

Click here to check it out.

And if you want to combine privacy with star gazing at night (you know what that means), then go for this transparent roof tent, it even comes with a free blower to inflate it:

transparent roof inflatable tent

Click here to check it out.


Well not regular furniture of course, camping furniture; chairs, bunk beds …etc.

If you are bringing a baby along, then you might want to check this portable high chair that is made for babies (it can be used indoor and outdoor):

Portable High Chair for babies

Click here to check it out.

If you have a bit older kids, then you might like this portable kids bunk beds:

Portable Camping Kids Bunker beds

They are so versatile you can even use them as a bench:

 Kids Bunker turned into a bench

or a double cot:

Kids Bunker turned to double cot

They are specially made for camping and out doors:

Camping Kids Bunk Beds

and of course, they are portable and easy to carry (even your kids can carry them):

Portable Camping Kids Bunker

Click here to this bunker out.

There is also an adult version of these bunk beds (a bigger size version):

Portable Camping Bunk beds for adults

Click here to check them out.

If you want to sit and read or just relax and watch the beauty of nature, you might like this canopy chair:

outdoors Canopy Chair

The canopy is easy to move and remove; you can do that while sitting in the chair.

Click here to check it out.


What else?…

You got your tent, your camping furniture, what else you need? hard to tell, but it will all fall under the Camping Gear category.

If you trip a lot at night on your tent’s ropes, then it might be a good idea to use these Glow In the Dark tent ropes:

Glow in the dark tent rope

Click here to check it out.

Need to write something, your memories, update your diary, or your kid’s science project? It’s a good idea to use a weather proof notebook; it has weather proof paper that you can use under the rain or under any weather conditions:

All-Weather Notebook

Click here to check it out.

For a weather proof notebook you shall need a weather proof pen! Check this one out:

An All-Weather pen that writes in the rain

Click here to check it out.


Water Related Camping Gear

Access to clean water is essential, for drinking, washing, cooking … etc.

For drinking water, it’s a good idea to keep this water filter straw within your gear, you don’t know when you’ll need it:

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Click here to check it out.

There’s another option if you like; you can use a water bottle with a filter:

LifeStraw Bottle with filter

Click here to check it out.

Another awesome addition to your camping gear would be a portable shower!

Portable Shower for camping, hiking, outdoors

It can turn any 2 Liter (or even 1 Liter) bottle into a simple portable shower! (and not just for your dog, anyone can use it).

Click here to check it out.

Since we’re talking about water here, if your outdoors adventure involves having fun in the water, then you might consider this waterproof case; it can be used to protect your phone (and you can still use it while it’s in the case):

Waterproof Phone Case

and it can also protect your important documents, credit cards, money … etc. from water:

Waterproof Case Wallet

Click here to check it out.



Cooking in the outdoors and nature has a special taste, and hey, you gotta eat! Plus, roasting marshmallows on a camp fire is a must!

Check this Zip cooking system; you can use to boil a quick cup of coffee, a soup, and other stuff:

Jetboil Zip Cooking System

Click here to check it out.

For bigger dishes, check this FireDisc portable outdoor camping grill, you can use it to prepare any dish!

Portable Outdoor Camping Grill

Click here to check it out. 

We mentioned marshmallows, and for marshmallows and others, check this roasting stick:

Last RoastingStick for camping and outdoors

Of course, it comes with multiple options; there is a 4 piece kit, a 13 piece kit, and a 21 piece kit.

Last RoastingStick for camping and outdoors

Click here to check it out.

Another useful tool would be a Grilling Multitool:

BBQ Multitool for camping and outdoors

Click here to check it out.

Speaking of multitools; you might want to check our Awesome Multi-tools collection, you will find more awesome multi-tools in one device goodies that might want to add to your camping gear (or other purpose gears).

Since you’re in nature, why not make as much use of nature as you can, with less reliance on modern technology. Or may be you can combine both. Check this solar powered fire starter to get what we mean:

Solar Powered Fire Starter

Click here to check it out.


Lights On!

Yup, it can get pretty dark out there, and camp fire might nit be enough, especially inside the tent, or if you want to take a late night walk in the woods.

Check this mini, tiny LED flashlight that only needs a 9V battery (battery included). It is so compact you can hide it in your pocket, and you can use it any where:

9V battery LED Flashlight

It comes with multiple levels as well. Click here to check it out.

Here’s another option where a similar 9V battery flash light is sold in packs (battery included as well):

9V LED Flashlight with Free Battery

Click here to check it out.

If you want something bigger with more brightness and more options; check this tactical LED flashlight:

Tactical LED Flashlight for Camping and outdoors

Click here to check it out.

For inside the tent, or beside it, or whatever application you might find appropriate, check this dimmable light bulb that comes with a remote control set:

Solar Light powered bulb with Remote control

It’s solar powered and has a rechargeable battery! Click here to check it out.


Finally, an awesome addition to your camping gear would be this survival grenade, it is not a real grenade nor it is a weapon of any kind! It’s a multi-tool kit that can come real handy both in the outdoors and the indoors.

There are two options, the 48-tool kit:

48 tool kit survival grenade multitool

Here’s a peak of what you find inside:

48 tool grenade multitool kit

Click here to check it out.

Or you might prefer option 2; which is the 30 tool kit:

30 tool grenade multitool kit

Click here to check it out.

As we mentioned earlier; make sure you check our Awesome Multi-tools Collection; you will love the idea of multitools.



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