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Polaroid Analog Instant Camera

Remember those Polaroid instant cameras that were extremely popular back in the 1980’s and until the digital cameras took over?

They were more than just cameras, they were trend setters! Polaroid = instant photos (PERIOD!)

Well they still exist till today, along with their accessories and films, and no, they are not for rich collectors, you can get yours as well.

Think of them as Polaroids reinvented; This camera that we are showing here has the same function as the Polaroid (actually, manufactured by the same company); they have additional features, such as connecting with a special mobile app for remote triggering (see photo below):

Polaroid I 1 Instant Camera

This camera fits as a gift for its fans, or for someone who was born in the 1980’s or late 1970’s who is probably having a birthday party with the 80’s theme!

It can be a catchy addition to an 80’s themed party or event of any sort.

Check the following short video, it contains a short tutorial on how to use this camera:

Click here to check it out on Amazon (it is sold by the same company that made it). You can also find films, accessories … etc. whatever you might need (or not) to use this camera.

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