Scrabble Lights

If you love scrabble, or know someone who does; then this gift is for you!

Scrabble lights are more than just a gift, they are  excellent for decoration ideas. Since you have all the letters, you can form any message you like! Here are a few ideas for you:

A cute way to say “I Love You”

Hang them on top of your favorite couch so that your loved one will see them once they get home and then you two can spend a special evening together.

scrabble lights i love you home decor idea

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An attractive way to say “We had a New Baby!”

You can use scrabble lights to show everyone that you have a new member in the family!

scrabble lights new baby home decor idea

Birthday decoration:

Throwing a birthday party? Use scrabble lights to display a sweet “Happy Birthday” message, or any sweet message(s) of your own choice.

Scrabble lights birthday party decor idea

It’s Party Time:

Well not just Birthday parties; if you’re throwing a party of any kind, scrabble lights will fit perfect as a decoration idea. You can use them to welcome your guests, display a funny message, show a party’s theme, and whatever you like.

Scrabble light party decor idea

You can even use it with your Christmas decoration:

scrabble lights christmas home decor idea

As you can see, scrabble lights are extremely useful, attractive, and versatile; you can never run out of ideas for using them! You might want to consider using them next time you host a scrabble game night, or when you celebrate the national scrabble day (which comes on April 13th ).

Scrabble lights are available here.

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