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Universal Waterproof Smart Phone Case

You might like having fun in the outdoors, hiking under the rain, swimming in the lake, in the river, camping … etc.

But what about your phone? You don’t want to imagine what will happen to your phone if it falls in the water or it begins to rain while you’re having an important conversation.

As much as you hear about leaving technology behind and having some detox time out there in the nature, or what many smart phone manufacturers say that their phones are water proof, as much as you do want to take pictures with your phone or stay in touch with your family and friends.

This waterproof case is the solution. It fits for all smart phones, you can use your phone while it’s in the case, and it can be used to protect your credit cards, your passport, ID … etc. and it comes at a great price.

Waterproof Case Wallet

It comes in multiple colors: black, what, and black-green.

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